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Vehicle & Squad, Minneapolis June 2020 with Justin Keefer

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Image of Vehicle & Squad, Minneapolis June 2020 with Justin Keefer

Vehicle & Squad
Instructor: Justin Keefer
Dates: June 20-21, 2020

Come join Justin Keefer as he returns to Dreamers Vault in Minneapolis. He will be diving deep into the mechanics and techniques of airbrush application, and many extended concepts in painting an army in this exciting 2 day course. Focusing on the Games Workshop Plagueburst Crawler and a 5 model Plague Marine squad, Justin will take you through a journey that will elevate your vehicle and infantry skills, and give you practical applications that can help you speed through your existing army. Justin will be open to students bringing vehicle & squads from different armies, you just need to clear that with him in advance - but you may not want to miss out on the opportunity to get nurgly with it with him. ;-)

Over the course of 2 days, (16-18 hours) we will walk you through the mechanics and finer details of airbrush application. You will be introduced to topics that also include maintenance, use and care of your gear, color theory and modulation, freehand, zenithal and ambient priming, proper paint preparation, and many different painting techniques, including some advanced applications. This course is perfect for the complete beginner and the experienced airbrush user - everyone goes home with an arsenal of new skills & techniques.

Dreamers Vault
4701 Hiawatha Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55406

* This course focuses on the Games Workshop Plagueburst Crawler & a 5 model Plague Marine squad - students are required to bring prebuilt and primed models to class (recommend purchasing through Dreamers Vault) - details of how to sub-assemble and build your class models will be published in the Facebook group dedicated to this class.

* Students need to bring their own airbrush setups and gear, including airbrush & compressor, light, paints & inks - our classes are built to teach our students how to use their own equipment, how to care for, maintain, and get the most out of their airbrush investment. An opportunity to purchase airbrush & studio at a great discount, will be made available to students 1 month before class. You will receive a detailed list of supplies to bring in your welcome email, and it will be posted in the class Facebook group.

Course Fees:
Registration: $275
Venue Fee: $20
** Class models
Total: $295
Deposit option: $175
Balance Payment: $120

Deposit Option - balance is due before the start of class. No Refunds Available.

Contact CK Studios for any questions you have regarding this class, we are always happy help! Reaching us directly through our Facebook page is preferred (address below). Within a few days after your registration, you will receive a welcome email for further instruction. There will be a dedicated Facebook group for this workshop where we will provide extended information, answer questions, and get to know the other students. Details to join will be provided in your welcome email.