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"Tabletop Plus" Birmingham UK w/Dev Sodagar, Sept 28 2019

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Image of "Tabletop Plus" Birmingham UK w/Dev Sodagar, Sept 28 2019
  • Image of "Tabletop Plus" Birmingham UK w/Dev Sodagar, Sept 28 2019
  • Image of "Tabletop Plus" Birmingham UK w/Dev Sodagar, Sept 28 2019
  • Image of "Tabletop Plus" Birmingham UK w/Dev Sodagar, Sept 28 2019

"Tabletop Plus" at Speed: Beginner/Intermediate
Saturday, 28 September 2019
10a - 6p
Instructor: Dev Sodagar

Hosted by:
Board in Brum
The Harmony Care Bldg
Bentley Lane Industrial Estate
Walsall WS2 8TL

Price: £60 (Processed as $73 USD)
** Weekend Discount Available **
Register for "Tabletop Plus" with "Weathering & Battle Damage" and save £20! Attend both 1 day workshops for £100 ($122 USD).

This course is targeted for the gamer painters that want to get their armies to the table, fast & effectively. This course does not require students to own an airbrush, but you will be given an opportunity to get your hands on one and try it out!

Students will be provided with 5x Cadian Guardsmen - 4 pre-zenithaled, one pre-primed for students to zenithal.

This 8 hour course will focus on mastering your tabletop skills with:

Flesh Painting
Painting Faces & Eyes
Painting Clothes
Painting Leather
Painting Metals
* Airbrushing: Demo & Hands - On
Tips, Tricks & Techniques for speed painting your army to a tabletop level

Required Class Supplies to Bring:
"The Essentials"
** Pen and paper for note taking. If you can get a sketchbook with 170gsm+ paper this is ideal!

** Paints (bring a selection of what you have plus the following essential colours)
- GW Shades: Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade, Seraphim Sepia, Reikland Fleshshade
- GW Contrast Dark Angels Green
- GW Base: Abaddon Black
- ScaleColour: Thar Brown, Ardennes Green + Autumn/Fall Green, Harvester Flesh
+ Moonray Flesh
- Coat D’Arms: Bone or brand equivalent of Bone colour
- Daler Rowney FW Ink: White, Payne’s Grey
- Vallejo Metal Colour: Steel, Silver

** Brushes - bring a selection of what you have you will want a small drybrush, larger base brush (size 1 or 2) and a smaller detail brush (size 0 or 00). Aside from the drybrush - all brushes should form a good point.
** Power strip
** Hair Dryer (low Wattage)
** Portable light (ideally Day Light) -
** Brush Soap

Optionals (bring only if you have):
- Detail airbrush, and utility airbrush if you own both
- Compressor
- Quick Disconnect (recommended for ease)
- 2x Airbrush Flushing Bottles (for cleaning airbrush)
** (wet) Palette
** Poster Tac & model holders

** We will bring plenty of mixing cups, paper towels & other basic items.

About the Instructor:

Dev has been painting off and on for 25 years. He works very hard at being lazy and has used this to find as many shortcuts to great looking models as possible. Recently he's taken up the mantle of sharing these discoveries in classes and on his livestreaming channels on Twitch and YouTube. Dev is the Community Coordinator for CK Studios and leads ongoing support for new & current students and the CK Studios Alumni community.

Blog - www.ragados.com
Facebook - www.facebook.com/RaggyPaints/
Instagram - www.instagram.com/raggypaints/
Livestream Hangouts - Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings - www.twitch.tv/raggypaints
Livestream Tutorials - Thursday Evenings - www.youtube.com/channel/UCm9m_iWoRaZCkxfZlUJyFXQ