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LONDON Double Feature, DATES - TBA

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Join Vincent Venturella in London at Dark Sphere - Shepherd's Bush, May 7-8, and 9-10 for 4 epic days of mastering your hobby artistry. Register for both workshops and receive a $100 USD discount.

Class Dates:
Character Class, DATE - TBA: Covid-19 Relative
Large Creature, DATE - TBA: Covid-19 Relative

This class focuses on bringing your character models up to their full potential. This class will focus on advanced brushwork, finishing techniques, freehand, textures and all the elements that make the characters that lead your forces really stand out. Students can bring their choice of any Hero/Character model of infantry size (ex. Primaris Lieutenant or Captain, Lord Celestant Stormcast, Tidecaster, Megaboss, vampire lord on foot, sister superior, beast lord, et al). We will dive into how we use just the brush to bring these models to a display quality in a quick amount of time.

NOTE: This class does NOT include airbrushing.

Basic and Advanced Brush Work Techniques
• Smooth Blending
• Glazing
• Painting Skin
• Metallics and Weapons
• Textures
• Finishing
• Freehand

* Students are required to bring a pre-assembled & primed character model to class. This model should be zenithal primed if at all possible and primed in black if not. Contact Dark Sphere to order your models as needed. More instructions will be provided via our class Facebook Group, including the supplies and gear you will need to bring to class

Experience airbrushing, advanced brush work, finishing techniques and bringing organic monsters to life. Students can bring their choice of any large Organic GW Monster (ex. Bloodthirsters, Ghorgons, Lords of Change, et al).
We will dive into Airbrush and Advanced Brush Work techniques:

Airbrushing and Advanced Brush Work Techniques
- Airbrushing Techniques
- Masterful Blending
- Glazing
- Painting Skin
- Painting Flesh Variants
- Metallics and Weapons
- Textures and Surfaces
- Advanced Finishing

* This course focuses on an organic Games Workshop monster figure. Students are required to bring a prebuilt & primed monster to class.

Class Fees: (Non - Refundable)
Discount Double Feature: $600 USD
Single Class: $350 USD
Double Feature Deposit Payment: $300 USD
Balance Payment: $300 USD

DISCOUNT! Sign up for both classes and save $100 USD!


Contact CK Studios for any questions you have regarding this class, we are always happy to answer questions. Reaching us directly through our Facebook page is preferred (address below). After your registration, you will be contacted with a welcome/registration email with the next steps. A group will be created for this class on Facebook to easily distribute information to students and ask/answer questions.

IG: @ckstudios.art