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"From Basic to Badass" with Sam Lenz, Indianapolis Nov 2019

$250.00 USD

Image of "From Basic to Badass" with Sam Lenz, Indianapolis Nov 2019
  • Image of "From Basic to Badass" with Sam Lenz, Indianapolis Nov 2019

Course Location:
The Battle Barn
Martinsville, IN

November 16-17, 2019
Course Registation: $250
Deposits: $150 ($100 due before start of class)

Learn the essentials with Sam Lenz. Where to begin and how to take those lessons further. Using a brush to its full potential, color composition, creative basing, understanding textures, and much more!

Students should expect to bring:
- Favorite brushes
- A wetpallet
- Paint: Students are encouraged to bring a variety of colors, a list will follow but Sam suggests students bring multiple or favored shades of those listed. There are many subtleties that are tricky to mix up at the beginner level so it will be handy to have 3-4 tones of green for example.
The base paint list suggested is: Black, white, ivory, red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, green, brown/tan.
- A pair of hobby clippers
- A hobby knife
- A pencil
- A lamp

What will be provided:
- A speech on color theory, composition, and contrast units many forms. Accompanied by visual references.
- An informational handout detailing aspects of the lesson. A list of terms, pictures of techniques, and photo references to name a few
- A model to paint. This will be a simple model that will suit the techniques laid out during the weekend.
- Basing materials of a wide variety. These will be either a sci-fi or fantasy theme depending on the model. (Brass rod, corkboard, plasticard, Samsons custom dirt mix, etc)
- Paper towel
- Toothpicks
- Cotton swabs
- Gifts!

What we will learn:
- Edge Highlighting
- Layering
- Creating Washes
- True Metallic Metals
- Composition
- Base Building/Staging
- Color Theory
- Brush Techniques

Important Registration Notes:

Contact CK Studios for any questions you have regarding this class, we are always happy help! Reaching us directly through our Facebook page is preferred (address below). You will receive a welcome email when we launch the Facebook Group for this class (usually 2 months prior to the date of the class), instructions for joining the group will be included. Be sure to let us know if you use an alias on Facebook that may not match up with the name you are using to register with.

* NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE - ALL SALES ARE FINAL * Contact CK Studios if you require payment options. Room rental or seating fee may be additional and payment will go directly to the venue, amount will be posted in the Facebook group if applicable. (Usually $20 or less for the weekend)

* $150 Deposits are available for this course - select Deposit option on this page.
Balance is due 2 weeks before the start of class. NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE FOR DEPOSITS. Payments are available through PayPal.