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England/UK - "Heavy Metal" - Imperial Knight (DATE - TBA)

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Image of England/UK - "Heavy Metal" - Imperial Knight (DATE - TBA)
  • Image of England/UK - "Heavy Metal" - Imperial Knight (DATE - TBA)

DATE - TBA: Covid-19 Relative
Sanctuary Gaming Centre

Join Caleb and Kat as we return to the UK to share our massively popular airbrush workshop, "Heavy Metal - Titan". We will be spending 2 days diving into airbrush mastery & other techniques that will take a GW Imperial Knight Titan to a display quality finish.

Note: This is not just an airbrush centered course, though the airbrush will be used to achieve a lot of techniques.

We will cover:
- Airbrushing Techniques for Large Models
- Heavy Metal Painting
- Freehand & OSL
- Masterful Blending
- Undercoating & Shading
- Color Theory, Shape & Volume
- Battle Damage & Heat Burn
- Weathering & Rust
- Finishing Techniques

* This course focuses on the Games Workshop Imperial Knight Titan model - students are required to bring a prebuilt & primed knight to class - details of this, including sub-building, will follow in the Facebook group dedicated to this class.

* Students need to bring their own airbrush setups and gear, including airbrush & compressor, light, paints & inks. A detailed list of the class supplies you will need to bring will be provided to you in your welcome email and detailed in your online class group.


Course Registation: $350 USD
Deposits: $200 USD
Balance Payment: $150 USD (due before the start of class)
DISCOUNT! Save $100 USD when you register for both airbrush workshops - Airbrushing 101 and Heavy Metal - Titan

Contact CK Studios for any questions you have regarding this class, we are always happy to answer questions. Reaching us directly through our Facebook page is preferred (address below). After your registration, you will be contacted with a friend request on Facebook and added to the closed group designated to this class. Meet your classmates, ask questions, and learn what we have planned for you!

IG: @ckstudios.art