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Airbrushing 102 - Portland Oregon, Feb 2020

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Dates: Feb 22-23, 2020
Come join Caleb Wissenback and Kat Jackson as we share our 2 day intensive airbrush detail workshop, Airbrushing 102.

Over the course of 2 days, (16-18 hours) we will teach you the skills and techniques you need to master detail airbrush application. We will guide you through organic matter techniques, skin & cloth, textures, finishing techniques, metallics, color theory, masking, and much more - along with mastering your airbrush in general. You will complete an entire 75mm orc model during this course.

Hosted by:
Glimpses of Wonder & Warfare
Registration Fee: $275
Model: $40

* This course focuses on a 75mm large creature/fantasy orc model. The model includes organic materials, skin/flesh, metals, bone, leather, wood & more techniques to master.

* Students need to bring their own airbrush setups and gear, including airbrush & compressor, light, paints & inks - our classes are built to teach our students how to use their own equipment, how to care for, maintain, and get the most out of their airbrush investment.

* NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE - SALES ARE FINAL * Deposit option is available - select at checkout, balance due before start of class. Room rental or seating fee may be additional and payment will go directly to the venue, if applicable - amount will be posted to the student group on Facebook. (Usually $20 or less for the weekend)

Contact CK Studios for any questions you have regarding this class, we are always happy to answer questions. Reaching us directly through our Facebook page is preferred (address below). After your registration, you will receive a welcome email sent to the address you use when registering. A dedicated Facebook group for the students of this workshop will be created to share ongoing updates & extended information - details about joining is included in your welcome email. Join the group to meet your classmates, ask questions, and learn what we have planned for you!